How CodeFights recruits its engineering team

How CodeFights Uses CodeFights Recruiter to Build Its Engineering Team

We feel your pain.

We’re a rapidly growing startup. So at CodeFights, we know how time-consuming it can be to source, assess, and interview engineering candidates. Industry-wide, it can take an average of 59 days from opening an engineering job requisition to making an offer to a candidate, according to data from Workable.

We don’t have that kind of time to grow our engineering team. And we know you don’t either! That’s why we built CodeFights Recruiter, a suite of skills-based recruiting tools that makes the entire recruiting process much more efficient.

But don’t worry, we’re not using our customers as guinea pigs. We dogfood all of our own products, testing them out on ourselves before we release them to you. Along the way, we haven’t just built a fantastic technical recruiting platform. We’ve also built a talented engineering team that we sourced, assessed, and interviewed using our own platform and tools!

The CodeFights recruiting strategy: use CodeFights!

Sourcing talent:

Our engineering team is still pretty small. But it’s growing fast! How does our talent team find high-potential prospects to reach out to? On CodeFights, of course!

Seven of our engineers were recruited from the CodeFights developer community. That’s pretty much everyone except the people who actually built CodeFights originally! From new grad roles to senior engineers, we’ve found candidates with the skills necessary to create not one, but two, amazing platforms – CodeFights for developers, and CodeFights Recruiter for hiring teams.

CodeFights Recruiter customers get this same level of access to the diverse, talented pool of CodeFights users with our Source application. Source uses machine learning to analyze candidate skills and experiences. Then it recommends candidates who will be a great fit for your open roles. So all of the candidates in Source are talented – but our matchmaking service surfaces the ones who are right for your company! Our recruiters love how quick and easy it is to identify and reach out to top-notch tech talent, and yours will too.

Assessing candidates:

One hundred percent of our engineers were screened and interviewed using the tools that grew into CodeFights Recruiter. (Except the ones who built the platform in the first place!) And of course the engineers who’ve been hired since our tech recruiting platform launched have been assessed using CodeFights Recruiter applications.

CodeFights Recruiter customers can use Test and Interview to assess their own candidates. These are the same tools that we use here at CodeFights! Our recruiting team likes how easy it is to send out assessments and receive detailed result reports with Test. And for our engineers, conducting interviews is a cinch in Interview. Whether we have the candidate here at CodeFights HQ or are interviewing them remotely, the collaborative coding environment is simple and easy to use. Since CodeFights Recruiter integrates with our online applicant tracking system, it’s easy to manage the entire candidate lifecycle. This keeps our overall recruiting process running efficiently.

We practice what we preach.

At CodeFights, we believe that a person’s skills matter much more than their credentials do. That’s why we’re committed to promoting skills-based technical recruiting. In fact, our company motto is “Discover, Develop, Promote”! We discover diverse talent from all sorts of backgrounds, help them develop their skills, and promote them to our hiring partners.

That’s why we hire the way we do – and why we want all hiring teams to have access to skills-based recruiting too. We built CodeFights Recruiter to make data-driven technical recruiting easy for us, and easy for our customers.

And our results speak for themselves. The people on our engineering team come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from a competitive coding champ to a former physics professor. Our tech screen to offer rate is 42%, and our onsite to offer rate is a whopping 45%.

From our own experience, we understand how much time it saves to source from a pool of pre-verified engineering candidates. We know why it matters to be able to measure and compare candidate skills accurately. And we get how important it is to have a seamless applicant tracking system integration.

As our company continues to grow and evolve, we’re going to keep using our own tools to recruit the best engineers to build both CodeFights and CodeFights Recruiter. And we’re confident that CodeFights Recruiter will help you grow your team as well! 

CodeFights Recruiter is a skills-based recruiting tool for modern hiring teams. Founded in 2014 and based in San Francisco, CodeFights is on a mission to make sure that you’re only talking to the best candidates at every part of the recruiting funnel. By supporting skills-based recruiting best practices, CodeFights Recruiter will give your hiring team the tools you need to find the right developers for all your company’s open roles.

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